What Is The Meaning Of “Airport Transfer”

What Is The Meaning Of “Airport Transfer

Airport transfer service; You can contact us by e-mail, telephone or other applications without traveling from any address to the airport or airport. If you confirm your reservation in about 10 minutes, you will be informed that your reservation confirms your reservation to the communication phone you have reported. After that, the appointment of our staff will be made in electronic environment and at least 3 hours before your airport transfer time, the name of our service personnel, the license plate and the contact number will be sent to you as a message. The assigned service staff will contact you to confirm your address, time and other travel information when your information is received.

Airport Transfer

The service staff will welcome you at your address or airport within your booking details. Once you have your luggage in place, it opens your door and the trip starts. You can use our free drinks and snacks during the travel free of charge for other personal items (internet, newspaper, cream, shoe shine etc.). As our service personnel are trained in advanced driving techniques, you can feel safe during your journey in our vehicles. Our vehicles also have in-car camera and vehicle tracking systems as well as personal accident insurance for your personal safety. You can follow the location of the vehicle, its route, the distance to which you are traveling by SMS and any person to share your travel information with.

When you reach the address you want to go, the service staff will open your door when you get out of the car and have a good day after handing your luggage and your airport transfer service is completed. You can pay for the transfer service that you have received by transfer or credit card on our website at the time of booking.

We Wish Good Journeys.