Vip Transfer

Vip Transfer

We provide private VIP transfer services with an extensive fleet ranging from economic, business to luxury group vehicles.

What is a Vip Transfer?

Simply, A vip transfer is an individual transfer from one address to the other. A transfer which is shared by more then one individual which is not apart of the same group of people is called a shuttle transfer.

Vip Transfer Vehicles

Economic class
Renault Fluence etc. We are able to offer a special transfer service with our vehicles.

Middle class
Passat, SuperB etc. We offer you a comfortable transfer service with our vehicles.

Luxury Class
We offer 1st class transfer service with Mercedes-Benz, C series, Vito, Sprinter, S series and similar vehicles.

You can simply make a reservation by going to the reservation form, pick the vehicle that suits you best and complete your booking in a few easy steps or you can reach us by calling 0216 688 55 88.

Transfer Prices

You can contact us for special transfer services starting from 20€. Transfer fees are related to the vehicle‘s brand and model, the fuel cost per km and the number of miles to which you want your transfer.

Please click for Vip transfer prices.

Private Transfer Regions

We provide transfers to and from all 3 Istanbul airports. We also have a private transfer service to all districts and resorts in Istanbul region. 2 of our airport is located on the European side of Istanbul and the other in the Asian side. The most demanded districts are Sultanahmet, Taksim, Beyoglu, Kadikoy, Sile, Karakoy, and Fatih.

Please click for transfer regions.

Hotel Transfer

We make transfer requests to holiday hotels or city hotels. When booking, you can create your reservation online by entering the district of the hotel you want to go along with your airport flight information. If you want, you can contact us by calling (0216 688 55 88) to let us know your hotel transfer requests.

The number of passegers is not a problem for us!

You can request a transfer for only 1 person or a large group of 44 people, with an extensive fleet option to meet all your needs. Sedan, Minivan, minibus, Midibus and Coach options are available. You can also request daily or hourly chauffeur driven cars for your business trips, sightseeing tours or shopping trips.

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