Traveller information

Traveller information

Find how to get from the airport to your hotel with our guide to airport transfers.

  • Istanbul Ataturk Airport has a dedicated express train service into central Istanbul.
  • Istanbul Ataturk Airport is directly connected to the Tube network.
  • Car hire is also available at every airport in Istanbul should you prefer to drive.

Istanbul has 2 major airports, and the last thing you have to do before enjoying the city sights is work out how you’re getting from the airport to your accommodation. There are lots of airport transfer options to suit all budgets. See all the options for


Public buses to and from the airport are really good value for money, You will need an Istanbul transport card inorder to use this service, cash are not accepted on this transportations. Buses run 24-hours a day, are air-conditioned and many offer free wifi.


Istanbul Ataturk airports has a dedicated express train service running regularly to Central Istanbul Suburbs.

The metro runs every 5 – 15 minutes between Istanbul Ataturk Airport station to all stations and transit points. Fares start at 5 TL one-way.The metro line runs until 00:00. 

The Metro takes 40 minutes to go between Istanbul Ataturk Airport and the heart of the city


You can book a private airport transfer. Your driver will pick you up from any Istanbul airport and meet and greet you at the terminal.

There are also several chauffeur services available for car transfers to and from all of Istanbul airports, ranging from limousines and luxury vehicles to budget options.

Yellow Cabs can also be hailed at the airport, however the pricing will be above avarage comparing to public transportaion.


Uber and similar mobile applications are no longer available in Turkey.

Car hire

If you’d prefer to drive along the roads of Istanbul, then you can hire a car at the airport. We advise using navigation if you prefer to drive, Istanbul roads can be confusing also navigation software can eliminate traffic by offering alternative routes.

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