Mercedes Sprinter

Insurance Information

Istanbul Airport Transfer and Transport Company has made it necessary for its customers to travel in a safe way by making all necessary and legally required insurance for all their vehicles.

Compulsory liability insurance (Traffic Insurance)

The price of this insurance is within the vehicle transfer price. Its purpose is to meet the physical damages against third parties in traffic.

The traffic insurance, which is mandatory by law, guarantees the responsibility of our esteemed customers towards third parties.


As a result of any accident, our insurance covers our customers, partial or full physical damage that may accure.

Personal Accident Insurance

Airport Transfer Coverage

Persons whose policies are compensated for in the form of a monthly or quarterly income for a period of collective or maximum period of time if they lose their ability to work temporarily or permanently due to an accident defined under the policy.

The policy is usually regulated annually and, at the end of the period, the insured has the right not to renew the policy even if the insured is ready to continue to pay the premium. Although the profession of the insured is an important risk assessment factor, collateral can be given for those who do not work in any job.

In the case of a person with his or his own name or insurance can be made in the name of someone else can make the policy. These policies also provide for the treatment expenses of the insured, depending on the accident.


Although it is not possible to determine the financial losses as a result of the loss of the value or organs of human life, it is necessary to determine the guarantee limit. Some features such as occupation and age are taken into account when determining the insurance collateral limit. This limit is determined based on the request of the insured.

It is valid all over the world within the framework of the guarantee limit written on the policy.